This is the first barn you will see when you drive down South Frankfurt ave. This barn
site of lessons and most of the horses live here. A jump course is set up year-round
and is changed every few months.
This is some of our
grazing space and it
has since been
into a paddock!
You can ride from barn 1 to
barn 2 down a very quiet
street. It deadends with our
second property so almost
all of the traffic is horse
This is the driveway into barn
2. You can see the round pen
in this shot, we have one at
each barn! V
isitors park right
next to the barn on the right.
This is a view down
the middle of one of
our barns. All the
stalls here are 12
12 or larger
birthing facilities
. In
total there are five
cross-tying areas
for tacking, two of
which can be used
as a wash stall.
This is a view of the
barn from the track.
You can also see
biggest field at Barn
2. The track is over

1/2 mile
This is one of the outdoor
arenas at Barn 2. It also
doubles as an alfalfa hay
growing area!