This is the first barn you will see when you drive down South Frankfurt ave. This barn
site of lessons and most of the horses boarded at this barn are children's horses.
riding ring is a regulation small dressage arena.A jump course is set up year-round
and is changed every few months.
This is the cleared
area of the first 10
acres of Split Elm.
There is a trail
connecting this
property with Barn 1.
We acquired this
property in August,
2012. In the future we
have plans to make
more trails and add
another 3 acre
2 you will be on the road
for a small section,
however, barn 2 is at the
end of the road which is a
dead end so there is not
much traffic! Barn 1 is 11
acres and barn 2 is 43
acres bringing the total of
all three properties to 64
This is the driveway into barn
2. You can see the round pen
in this shot, we have one at
each barn! Boarders park right
next to the barn on the right.
This is a view down
2. This barn features
x 12 or larger. There
is a large tack room
and two smaller tack
areas as well. In
total there are five
cross-tying areas for
tacking, two of which
can be used as a
wash stall.
This is a view of the
barn from the track.
You can also see
about half of the
biggest field at Barn
2. The track is over
1/2 mile!
This is a partial view of
the ring at Barn 2. This
course and a standard
located at the end of the
race track. There are
jumps and trails located
outside of the arena as