553 S. Frankfurt Ave. Galloway, NJ 08330
www.splitelm.com (609) 576 5508

We host a fun schooling jumper show where time and
faults are all that matter. That’s right this show is entirely
objective. Leads, equitation, and style do not matter!!

Fastest time wins in all classes! 1st–6th place ribbons
awarded, prizes for best seven times of the day and for
most classes entered!
Rail down / First refusal: 4 faults
Second refusal: 8 faults
Fall of rider, off course, or third refusal: elimination
For every fault, one second will be added to your time
Ties will result in a jump off round
Helmets are to be worn at all times
Proper riding boots with a heel
Anything else is up to you!!
Schooling of the course will be open at the end of the day!

Divisions: there will be three classes/courses in each
1.) 4’’ pole hoppers (simplified courses, not eligible for
time prizes riders who show above 18'' will not be placed
in this)
2.) 12'' foot jumper
3.) 18’’ elementary jumper
4.) 2'3'' Introductory jumper
5.) 2'6'' BN jumper
6.) 2'11'' Novice jumper
7.) 3'3'' Meter jumper

Entry Fees: $20 per class, $50 per division (three classes
at the same height) or $75 for the day (unlimited classes).
Horse use (borrowing a lesson horse for the show) $30
Schooling only fee: $20, Schooling is free with any
8:00 am course open for walking 9:00 am start time

indoor 10 minutes before each division, outdoor
unlimited.. If you are eliminated you will be allowed to
finish your course as long as you are riding safely.

4'' and 12'' courses will be held in the indoor.