Private lessons with Stephanie Morrongiello are $60.
Private lessons with any of our other instructors are $50,
semi-private are $40 and group are $30. Split Elm teaches
primarily english style riding, but western lessons are also
available. Couple's trail riding lessons are available upon
request! Trail Riding lessons are $50 per rider for one
hour of trail riding. Call/text 609 576 5508 to make an

Trail Riding Facts and Questions

Purchase Gift Certificates Online:
One lesson/trail ride (1 person)

Private Lesson with Steph Morrongiello

We have three instructors working and a lighted indoor,
we can accommodate almost any schedule.

We have various clinicians. Danny Warrington is here
10-15 times per year, $80 for private lesson. Other clinic
rates vary.

Pony Parties:

We now do PONY PARTIES!! At our farm only. Includes
use of the
Party Lounge and 1-5 ponies. Basic Party for
maximum 10 kids with 2 ponies costs $300. For larger
parties, 1 additional pony is needed per 5 children. Each
additional pony is $75.


We have limited school horses and ponies available for 1/2
and 3/4 lease. 1/2 lease includes 2 lessons and up to 3
rides per week. 1/2 leasers will be asked to share their
horse at shows and there may be two 1/2 leasers per
horse. 3/4 lease includes 3 lessons and up to 5 rides per
week. 3/4 leasers will be the only competitor to ride their
horse at shows unless scheduling does not conflict.
Rates: 1/2 lease $350, 3/4 lease $530. Please note: The
rates shown are year round leasing rates. Shorter term
leases will be slightly more expensive in 2016.

1/2 leasers can pay online

All leasers should read
Do's and Dont's

Split Elm students are
encouraged to set goals
and then work towards
achieving them, whether
that goal be to ride
competently on a trail
ride or compete
nationally. Students
have gone on to PC
nationals, rated shows
and recognized events!
No goal is too big or too
Stockton University
equestrian club
members from
Spring 2016. Split
Elm Equestrian is
the official riding
center of the
Stockton University
equestrian club and