Trail Riding Facts and Questions

1) Is there a weight limit?
Yes, the weight limit is 240lbs.

2) Is there an age limit?
Riders must be at least 12 years old unless they can prove prior experience (at least six
months of riding lessons).

3) Is horseback riding physical?
Yes, riders must be able to lift their own weight in order to mount and dismount.

4)How fast will we be going?
This ride is beginner friendly so we will be keeping a safe, relaxed walking pace. We will not
gallop. Trotting is a possibility if everyone in the group shows good posture and body
awareness/wants to go a little faster. Whether or not the group trots is up to the instructor.

5) What is meant by trail riding lesson?
All trail rides done at Split Elm are considered lessons. This means that the guide will not
only lead the ride but will also instruct riders how to ride most effectively.

6) How should I dress for the ride?
Closed toed shoes are required and long pants are recommended. All riders will be provided
with a helmet. Helmet are provided and mandatory.

7) Will it be the same trail every time I go?
We change the route frequently based on footing and trail conditions. We have a lot of acres
to cover!

8) How long is the trail ride?
We only do one hour appointments. Actual time on the horse is slightly less than one hour
because of mounting/dismounting time. All appointments are for one hour from the time
booked so be sure to be on time or you may loose riding time.

9) Who will be in my trail ride group?
All rides are done privately and by appointment. This means that only the riders that you
book will be in your group with the addition of the instructor.

10) Do I need an appointment?
Yes, all rides are done by appointment ensuring the healthiest environment for our horses.
We do not leave the horses saddled all day. We only saddle the amount of horses booked
for an appointment.

11) How far in advance do I need to make or cancel an appointment?
We recommend making an appointment a few days in advance. There is always a possibility
that we will have an open appointment for the same day. The best way to find out is to text or
call (609) 576 5508 with your desired time and group size. If you need to cancel an
appointment, we ask that you give at least one hours' notice. Failure to give notice will mean
that you will no longer be allowed to book an appointment with us. Larger parties should plan
on booking at least a week ahead of time and, even with advanced notice, some days and
times may not be available for parties larger than 6.