We offer Full Care horse boarding here at Split Elm
Our horse care includes:
* Grain and hay twice daily, free choice water and salt
* Turnout with safe fencing and run-in shelters for shade
and weather protection
* Holding for vet(Atlantic Equine) and dentist(Steven
Purse). Farrier(Julie Pino) scheduling and holding
* All horses are kept on a rotational de-worming schedule

The Horse owners enjoy:
* Small grass and Large sand dressage arenas set-up year
round with lights for evening riding
* Free trailer parking for boarders
* Indoor Arena with lights, speaker system and fans
(50x150) footing is a sand base with low-dust rubber shreds
* Large sand race track 7/8 mile long
* Jumper and Hunter course as well as cross country
* Wash stalls and tacking stalls
* The auxilary barn (23 stall) and the main barn (19 stalls)
* Tack rooms with room for a your tack plus a trunk
* Large round pens
* Trails including one by a small, horse-friendly pond

Other Options include:
* Reverse turn-out for summer months
* Fans for summer
* Vet ordered care when necessary
* Lessons for riders
* Private turn-out
* 24/7 turn-out
* Training for horses

Boarding rates start at $480 per month